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What is Cupping?

A cupping therapy is another form of therapy used at Casey Massage & Myotherapy. This therapy helps increase circulation, relieve pain, remove toxins and allows the body to feel free and rested. The technique uses a suction force created in small cup created by heating the air within the cup, then placed on the body to draw tight tissue upward into the cup. 

Blood flow in the selected region is increased and a stretch is applied to the surrounding tissue to facilitate better tissue condition and improved healing.

Cupping Cupping

There are two kinds of cupping techniques. The first is termed as the “massage cupping” wherein the cups are moved around the desired area to provide relief to sore and affected tissues. The second technique is “Stationery Cupping” where the cups are placed on a specific pressure point and not removed until the desired time has elapsed.

During the cupping session you might experience a unique suction and after the cups are removed you notice red spots on your skin that may turn into superficial bruising due to the localized increase of circulation. You will also feel light and sense a feeling of suppleness in their joints. A cupping session improves blood circulation and this in turn enhances the healing process. After a while, your aching muscles and sore tendons would start to feel agile and you would be able to return back to your normal self. If you continue this form of treatment then your overall flexibility is bound to increase and you would feel stress free and relieved.

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